The Halfon Family founded SACK'S in 1983 with a vision of creating a global fashion house with a stylish, luxury line for the contemporary consumer.
As the company grew, the implementation of modern management methods, a keen sense of design, and effective marketing helped create a fresh, fashion-conscious brand. In 2007 the Fox Group partnered with the Halfon Family to become a 50% owner of SACK'S.
Today, SACK'S works with a wide network of distributors and its unique designs can be found in over 1000 stores in 14 European countries and other global locations. Over the years SACK'S has gained a reputation for creating trendsetting collections that utilize the finest quality raw materials such as pure cotton, silk, cashmere and more.


All of the SACK'S concept stores explore a unique design expressing the core essence of SACK'S and leveraging great design as a value driver. Store design is based on modular structures with dynamic visuals, allowing for frequent design re-invention while offering clients a new shopping experience with every visit. A boutique brand, known for its playful, experimental character while stretching fashion trends and boundaries, SACK'S is dedicated to using only high quality fabrics which meet top, international standards. Focused on performance and guided by creative innovation, SACK'S maintains its uniqueness driven by fresh inspiration and constant attention to detail.



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